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Architectural firm attains security and performance confidence across virtualized and distributed desktops environment

A discussion on how BLDD Architects gains better overall security, management, and data center consolidation from being nearly 100 percent virtualized across multiple distributed offices. Continue reading

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Path to client workspace automation paved with hyperconverged infrastructure for New Jersey college

The next BriefingsDirect hyperconverged infrastructure (HCI) use case discussion explores how a New Jersey college has embarked on the time-saving, virtual desktop infrastructure (VDI) modernization journey. We will now learn how the combination of HCI and VDI makes the task of deploying and … Continue reading

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California Natural Resources Agency gains agility through Software-Defined Data Center strategy

The next BriefingsDirect innovator case study interview explores how the California Natural Resources Agency (CNRA) in Sacramento gains agility from a software-defined data center (SDDC) strategy. Learn how this large and diverse agency of state agencies uses the best of … Continue reading

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A gift that keeps giving, software-defined storage now showing IT architecture-wide benefits

The next BriefingsDirect deep-dive discussion explores how one of the most costly and complex parts of any enterprises IT infrastructure — storage — is being dramatically improved by the accelerating adoption of software-defined storage (SDS). The ability to choose low-cost … Continue reading

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Enterprise Tablets: Choose a Device Nature That Best Supports Cloud Nurturing

Now that server hardware decisions are no-brainers (thanks to virtualization and the ubiquity of multi-core 64-bit x86), deciding on the enterprise-wide purchase of a tablet computer types will be the biggest hardware choice many IT leaders will make. So what … Continue reading

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Just in time for VMworld, Dell virtualization suite update aims to further enable data-center efficiency

Dell Software today announced the next generation of its virtualization operations management suite, just in time for next week’s VMworld conference. The suite is comprised of a trio of solutions that help businesses of all sizes streamline virtualization, storage, and … Continue reading

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Dell’s Foglight for Virtualization update extends visibility and management control across more infrastructure

Dell Software this week delivered Foglight for Virtualization, Enterprise Edition to extend the depth and breadth of managing and optimizing server virtualization as well as virtual desktop infrastructure (VDI) and their joint impact on such IT resources as storage. Building … Continue reading

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