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Ariba CMO Tim Minahan on how networked economy benefits spring from improved business commerce and cloud processes

Listen to the podcast. Find it on iTunes/iPod. Read a full transcript or download a copy. Sponsor: Ariba. Register for Arive LIVE. It’s impossible to factor the implications of cloud computing without examining the context of all the other major … Continue reading

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Originally posted on Gigaom:
While saving money is a common reason cited for moving IT to the cloud, it is really not the overriding driver at all for most companies, according to new research. What’s more important than cost savings…

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Join me for a deep-dive live discussion on why IT’s role may never be the same

Now is a fascinating time for businesses the world over, and the role and impact of IT is a big part of what’s causing the changes that all of us are feeling and adjusting to. Many of the changes involve … Continue reading

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Study: Cloud computing becoming pervasive, and IT needs to take control now

Cloud computing may be taking the business world by storm, but its success could mean a “perfect storm” that endangers the role of IT. As a result, IT needs to step up now and change its approach to cloud services. … Continue reading

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Originally posted on Gigaom:
When it comes to moving massive files between storage clouds, performance depends — quite a bit — on which clouds you use, according to new research. For its  report Bulk Data Migration in the Cloud, Nasuni repeatedly transferred 12…

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New HP application transformation offerings help enterprises tackle growing use of mobile computing and social media

HP this week announced a suite of products and services aimed at overcoming the challenges presented by the convergence of some of today’s hottest business trends, mobile computing and social media. The four software products and three services are designed … Continue reading

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HP engineers support to better target multi-vendor, cloud environments

In a move to help enterprises address problems before they arise, HP this week rolled out IT support services architected for modern IT infrastructures. Dubbed HP Always On Support, the new services integrate tech built into the HP Converged Infrastructure … Continue reading

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Join HP security expert Tari Schreider for a deep-dive live chat on cloud protection

Business leaders want to exploit cloud computing values fast, but they also fear the security risks in moving to cloud models too quickly. Just at the time that companies want to leverage cloud, they know that security threats are growing. … Continue reading

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Originally posted on Gigaom:
Whether you think cloud computing creates or kills jobs depends on what jobs you’re talking about and how companies will use any IT savings they reap. I had my doubts about the findings of a Microsoft-funded(s…

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HP announces first servers in the Gen8 family for improving management, ROI, and energy conservation in the data center

HP today announced general availability of the first batch of servers in its ProLiant Gen8 series, which the company unveiled last month. The new generation of servers, part of a two-year, $300-million effort, benefit from ProActive Insight archtecture, including lifecycle … Continue reading

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Open Group’s OTTF ‘snapshot’ addresses risks from counterfeit and tainted products

The Open Group has announced the publication of the Open Trusted Technology Provider Standard (O-TTPS) Snapshot, a preview of what is intended to become the first standard developed by The Open Group Trusted Technology Forum (OTTF). Geared toward global providers … Continue reading

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Originally posted on Gigaom:
Boston has some pretty good database DNA dating back to Digital Equipment Corp.’s venerable Rdb and a raft of small object-oriented database firms that popped up 20 years ago. Those good genes are showing up again…

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Originally posted on Gigaom:
Updated: Microsoft Azure went down Monday night and stayed down for hours. That news comes as Microsoft(s MSFT) is trying to pitch two-year-old Azure as a safe and reliable platform for consumer and business applications. As first…

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Originally posted on Gigaom:
AWS CTO Werner Vogels The more features that Amazon Web Services(s amzn) adds, the more nervous its partners — and even some of its customers — get. AWS is the go-to public cloud infrastructure for many businesses.…

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