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Dark side of cloud—How people and organizations are unable to adapt to improve the business

The next BriefingsDirect cloud deployment strategies interview explores how public cloud adoption is not reaching its potential due to outdated behaviors and persistent dissonance between what businesses can do and will do with cloud strengths. Many of our ongoing hybrid IT and cloud computing discussions … Continue reading

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How SMBs impacted by natural disasters gain new credit thanks to a finance matchmaker app

The next BriefingsDirect digital business innovation panel discussion explores how a finance matchmaker application assists small businesses impacted by natural disasters in the United States.  By leveraging the data and trust inherent in established business networks, Apparent Financing by SAP creates digital … Continue reading

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The Open Group panel explores ways to help smart cities initiatives overcome public sector obstacles

The next BriefingsDirect thought leadership panel discussion focuses on how The Open Group is spearheading ways to make smart cities initiatives more effective. Many of the latest technologies — such as Internet of Things (IoT) platforms, big data analytics, and cloud computing — are making data-driven … Continue reading

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