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How HPE’s internal DevOps paved the way for speed in global software delivery

The next BriefingsDirect DevOps innovator case study discussion explores how Hewlett Packard Enterprise’s (HPE’s) internal engineering and IT organizations are exploiting the values and benefits of DevOps methods and practices. Listen to the podcast. Find it on iTunes. Get the … Continue reading

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IoT plus big data analytics translate into better services management at Auckland Transport

The next BriefingsDirect business transformation innovator case study discussion explores the impact and experience of using Internet of Things (IoT) technologies together with big data analysis to better control and manage a burgeoning transportation agency in New Zealand. Listen to … Continue reading

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On building a modern marketing organization in a multi-channel world

The next BriefingsDirect business innovation thought leadership discussion focuses on building a modern marketing organization. Marketing today is a different game. Today’s buyers are more connected and informed than ever, and that’s creating major upheaval in the way companies promote … Continue reading

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