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Cerner’s lifesaving sepsis control solution shows the potential of bringing more AI-enabled IoT to the healthcare edge

Learn about a cutting-edge use-case that puts near real-time AI to good use by outsmarting a deadly infectious scourge. Continue reading

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Three generations of Citrix CEOs on enabling a better way to work

Learn how one company has not only reinvented itself but made major and correct bets on the future direction of global information technology. Continue reading

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How the ArchiMate modeling standard helps Enterprise Architects deliver successful digital transformation

Learn how enterprise architecture controls and reduces complexity and makes change easier. Continue reading

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How smart IT infrastructure has evolved into the era of data centers-as-a-service

There has never been a better time to build efficient, protected, powerful, and modular data centers — yet many enterprises and public sector agencies cling to aging, vulnerable, and chaotic legacy IT infrastructure. The next BriefingsDirect interview examine how automation, self-healing, data-driven insights, … Continue reading

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How Unisys and Dell EMC head off backup storage cyber security vulnerabilities

Learn how data from one end of its life cycle to the other needs new protection and a means for rapid recovery. Continue reading

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IT and HR: Not such an odd couple

How businesses perform has always depended on how well their employees perform. Yet never before has the relationship between how well employees work and the digital technology that they use been so complex. At the same time, companies are grappling … Continue reading

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For a UK borough, solving security issues leads to operational improvements and cost-savings across its IT infrastructure

The next BriefingsDirect enterprise IT productivity discussion focuses on solving tactical challenges around security to unlock strategic operational benefits in the public sector. For a large metropolitan borough council in South Yorkshire, England, an initial move to thwarting recurring ransomware attacks ended … Continue reading

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