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As price transparency grows inevitable, healthcare providers need better tools to close the gap on patient trust

The next BriefingsDirect healthcare finance insights discussion explores ways that healthcare providers can become more proactive in financial and cost transparency from the patient perspective. By anticipating rather than reacting to mandates on healthcare economics and process efficiencies, providers are becoming more competitive and building … Continue reading

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How healthcare providers are taking cues from consumer expectations to improve patient experiences

A discussion on how healthcare providers are employing processes and technologies from such industries as retail and financial services to vastly improve the experience and quality of care from the medical patients’ perspective. Continue reading

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Price transparency in healthcare to regain patient trust requires accuracy via better use of technology

A discussion on how new transparency on costs in healthcare provides both a step toward more educated choices as well as an opportunity to use technology to inform and instruct throughout increasingly complex payer-provider-patient processes. Continue reading

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