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How containers are the new basic currency for pay as you go hybrid IT

Container-based deployment models have rapidly gained popularity across a full spectrum of hybrid IT architectures — from edge, to cloud, to data center. This next edition of the BriefingsDirect Voice of the Innovator podcast series examines how IT operators are now looking to increased automation, … Continue reading

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How HPE and Docker together accelerate and automate hybrid cloud adoption

The next BriefingsDirect hybrid cloud strategies discussion examines how the use of containers has moved from developer infatuation to mainstream enterprise adoption. As part of the wave of interest in containerization technology, Docker, Inc. has emerged as a leader in … Continue reading

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Infatuation leads to love—How container orchestration and federation enables multi-cloud competition

The use of containers by developers — and now increasingly IT operators — has grown from infatuation to deep and abiding love. But as with any long-term affair, the honeymoon soon leads to needing to live well together … and … Continue reading

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