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How the ArchiMate modeling standard helps Enterprise Architects deliver successful digital transformation

Learn how enterprise architecture controls and reduces complexity and makes change easier. Continue reading

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How HPE and Docker together accelerate and automate hybrid cloud adoption

The next BriefingsDirect hybrid cloud strategies discussion examines how the use of containers has moved from developer infatuation to mainstream enterprise adoption. As part of the wave of interest in containerization technology, Docker, Inc. has emerged as a leader in … Continue reading

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Capgemini and HPE team up to foster needed behavioral change that bolsters cyber security across application lifecycles

The next BriefingsDirect discussion explores improving cyber security in applications across their entire lifecycles. Such trends as the Internet of Things (IoT), hybrid cloud services, mobile-first, and DevOps are increasing the demands and complexity of the overall development process. Key … Continue reading

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How Globe Testing helps startups make the leap to cloud- and mobile-first development

This latest BriefingsDirect mobile development innovation discussion examines how Globe Testing, based in Madrid, helps startups make the leap to cloud-first and mobile-first software development. We’ll explore how Globe Testing pushes the envelope on Agile development and applications development management … Continue reading

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Application development efficiencies drive Agile payoffs for healthcare tech provider TriZetto

Listen to the podcast. Find it on iTunes. Read a full transcript or download a copy. Sponsor: HP. The next edition of the HP Discover Performance Podcast Series highlights how healthcare technology provider TriZetto has been improving its development processes … Continue reading

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Cloud, mobile bringing new value to Agile development methods, even in bite-sized chunks

As IT aligns itself with business goals, Agile software development is increasingly enabling developers to better create applications that meet user needs quickly. And, now, the advent of increased mobile apps development is further accelerating the power of Agile methods. … Continue reading

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