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Delivering a new breed of patient access best practices requires an alignment of people, process, and technology

Learn how caregiver organizations on-board patients to improve how those patients perceive their total healthcare experience Continue reading

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SambaSafety’s mission to reduce risk begins in its own datacenter security partnerships

Security and privacy protection increasingly go hand in hand, especially in sensitive industries like finance and public safety. For driver risk management software provider SambaSafety protecting their business customers from risk is core to their mission — and that begins … Continue reading

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How MSP StoredTech brings comprehensive security services to diverse clients using Bitdefender

The choice of bedrock security technology can make or break managed service providers’ (MSPs’) ability to scale, grow rapidly while remaining efficient, and maintain top quality customer service. The next edition of BriefingsDirect explores how by simultaneously slashing security-related trouble … Continue reading

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How healthcare providers are taking cues from consumer expectations to improve patient experiences

A discussion on how healthcare providers are employing processes and technologies from such industries as retail and financial services to vastly improve the experience and quality of care from the medical patients’ perspective. Continue reading

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Data-driven and intelligent healthcare processes improve patient outcomes while making the IT increasingly invisible

A discussion on how healthcare providers employ new breeds of intelligent digital workspace technologies to improve doctor and patient experiences, make technology easier to use, and assist in bringing actionable knowledge resources to the integrated healthcare environment. Continue reading

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GDPR forces rekindling of people-centric approach to marketing

The next BriefingsDirect digital business innovation discussion explores how modern marketing is impacted by the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR). Those seeking to know their customers well are finding that this sweeping new European Union (EU) law forces a dramatic shift in how … Continue reading

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How a large Missouri medical center developed an agile healthcare infrastructure security strategy

Healthcare provider organizations are among the most challenging environments to develop and implement comprehensive and agile security infrastructures. These providers of healthcare are usually sprawling campuses with large ecosystems of practitioners, suppliers, and patient-facing facilities. They also operate under stringent … Continue reading

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