IBM seems to think cloud can tame the high cost of labor in IT, so said Steve Mills at Pulse. #IBMPulse


Whether you think cloud computing creates or kills jobs depends on what jobs you’re talking about and how companies will use any IT savings they reap.

I had my doubts about the findings of a Microsoft-funded(s msft) IDC report showing that as companies move to cloud computing, millions of jobs (8.8 million worldwide, 1.1 million in the U.S.) will be created by 2015. I still do.

The issue is that companies that save money don’t necessarily put that money back into their businesses. They dole out executive bonuses, they pay dividends, they sit on their cash and look pretty. And that is largely true when it comes to big companies. How many of the too-big-to-fail banks that took government money to get back on their feet, succeeded in doing so and then used their new profits to create jobs? I rest my case.

SMBs, as usual, will power job growth

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Dana Gardner is president and principal analyst at Interarbor Solutions, an enterprise IT analysis, market research, and consulting firm. Gardner, a leading identifier of software and cloud productivity trends and new IT business growth opportunities, honed his skills and refined his insights as an industry analyst, pundit, and news editor covering the emerging software development and enterprise infrastructure arenas for the last 18 years. Gardner tracks and analyzes a critical set of enterprise software technologies and business development issues: Cloud computing, SOA, business process management, business intelligence, next-generation data centers, and application lifecycle optimization. His specific interests include Enterprise 2.0 and social media, cloud standards and security, as well as integrated marketing technologies and techniques. Gardner is a former senior analyst at Yankee Group and Aberdeen Group, and a former editor-at-large and founding online news editor at InfoWorld. He is a former news editor at IDG News Service, Digital News & Review, and Design News.
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